elina siltanen

What do I do…


I am currently acting University Lecturer (substitute) at the Department of English, University of Turku, Finland. In the past, I’ve been employed there as a researcher in other projects and as a university teacher. My PhD was a double degree from the University of Turku and Lule√• University of Technology, Sweden (2014).

I am a post-doctoral level researcher, currently working on poetry and emotions. My research project is titled “Difficult Relations: Reading for Emotion in Recent American Experimental Poetry”.

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I write book reviews in Finnish for a newspaper and occasionally for Finnish literary magazines. Sometimes I do translations (English-Finnish, Finnish-English).

I am also interested in visual art and blog about it in Finnish here.

And what do I want to do…

More research. Find more collaboration opportunities.

More teaching: I’m prepared to teach academic writing skills, introduction to creative writing for English students, literature courses & would gladly put my mind to teaching other English courses as well.

Write about literature for more general publics. More book reviews. More translation.

In general, work with the arts and culture.

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